EchoLan Auckland 23

8th – 10th December 2017 · Auckland

Wrapping up the year with a BANG! EchoLan 23 is going to be our last, and largest event of the year.

Everything you love is back, Tournaments, LANCafé, and the Prize Wheel. More info to come.

Get your tickets before November 17th to secure your chance to WIN a new Lenovo A3 Tablet and Skullcandy Bluetooth Speaker.

Ticket options

No Desk
No dedicated ethernet or power point. WiFi only. Good for e.g. tablet Hearthstone players.
A dedicated table, seat, power point and ethernet cable. The full LAN experience.
Fri 8th December 07:30 PM
Sun 10th December 05:00 PM


54 Seaview Road
Auckland (map)

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Registered Attendees


  • Rigged


  • WarFear
  • Arma
  • Grasshopper0627

Nuka World

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  • TheVerse
  • KnifeLife95
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  • skooda
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  • Cr4Te

The Council of Ricks

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  • Dripdot
  • ZapiX

The Echo Family

  • whitebob
  • Pyrefrost
  • MrKiwi
  • Deadsloth
  • Blaser93

The Garden

  • Shadowleaf
  • Etsurou

The Phosforusmafia

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  • Ghoulerbear
  • Dxcaay
  • SOULS!!!


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