EchoLan Auckland 22

14th – 16th July 2017, Auckland

EchoLan 22 marks our second LAN of the year, and continues our usual tournament regiment along with recent improvements such as the Prize Wheel and LANCafé. See you there!

Fri 14th July 08:00 PM
Sun 16th July 05:00 PM

Ticket options

No Desk
No dedicated ethernet or power point. WiFi only. Good for e.g. tablet Hearthstone players.
A dedicated table, seat, power point and ethernet cable. The full LAN experience.
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Registered Attendees

Mada Mada Ext.

  • Pyrefrost Pyrefrost
  • FB IMG 1486957719052 EmKayKat
  • overwatch soldier 76 by sadecekaan da478jy WarFear
  • hTAJvfZ Arma
  • Inkognito
  • owl design 1 Grasshopper0627

Snapes on a plane

  • Whiteb0b Black whitebob
  • Avatar MrKiwi
  • Blaser93 Blaser93
  • 2550911 tails2 Kyo

The phosforusmafia

  • Capture2 NinjaPanda
  • sj SamuraiJack
  • Shemlin

Trident / Serendipity

  • 535102 1690319961184508 7823920131699705655 n Slips

Venn Clan

  • cheddam cheddam
  • 625590 541751732574050 1337056325 n irogue
  • Ruby emblem trans Sinful Malice

No group

  • slackerMNIS SlackerB
  • 5lay3r666 5lay3r666
  • XT4L



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